15 Best Magento Extensions to Increase Sales


Magento is a powerful online commerce platform that makes it easy for you to build a virtual storefront and sell directly to your customers. It comes with a lot of customizable options, which is obvious from the number of incredible themes available alone.

If you own an independent ecommerce store, you might be aware of the word “Ecommerce Extensions”. The word extension itself suggests that it can “extend” or add extra functions to your ecommerce store. Right from managing inventory and tracking sales to creating invoices, these extensions can prove to be a real boon to boost your online business.

But how exactly can you make your store everything you want it to be? Choosing the right theme is certainly the first step, but what next?

The answer to that question is Magento extensions, which work like Shopify apps to increase the functionality of your store. Extensions can make your life as a store manager easier or they can improve the ease-of-use or add great features for your customers. Sometimes they can even do both.

In this post, we’ll go over 15 best Magento extensions that Increase Sales you should take a look :-

1. Language Translator

Ecommerce has done incredible things for business owners, including giving us more reach than ever before. We can now sell our products to anyone anywhere in the world. That’s great in and of itself, but language can definitely be an enormous barrier.

That makes Magento Language Translator so valuable. Multi-lingual sites can breathe a sigh of relief—the extension automatically translating your CMS page details, product details, store reviews and even product attributes into the languages of your choice.

This tool will help you reach a larger audience much more effectively, aiding you in sales significantly.

2. Fedex Smart Shipping

Fedex Smart Shipping enables store admins to take care of different aspects of FedEx freight shipping right from their own dashboard. Using this Magento Fedex shipping extension, you can perform several functions like manage shipment tracking, get live shipping rates, validate addresses, offer multiple delivery options and arrange for consignment pick up. You just need to install the plugin, configure the settings and you will be done. Integrating FedEx shipping with your store was never so easy!

3. Delivery Date Scheduler

Online buyers of today hate the word “anticipation”. If you do not want to disappoint your customers and make delivery of products on the dates decided by them, Delivery Date Scheduler is your way to go! Once you install this Magento order delivery date extension, you will be able to provide your customers with the convenient delivery dates on your ecommerce store and they will be able to decide their preferable time of delivery. You can also add a calendar view and format for the date and time of arrival to be displayed to your customers. This extension takes care of your delivery deadlines like an expert.

4. Banner Slider extension

Banner advertisement drives traffic which drives sales and thus drives your eCommerce business to success.

Banner Slider extension will enable an attractive banner at the header which incorporates an impressive sideshow. The extension allows adding up to six products for the banner display. The slider with relevant and appealing product image and short description along with the discount offer display to the target customer.

5. MageMob Admin

Magemob Admin extension is a boon for ecommerce store owners who are always on the move! It helps them to manage important aspects of their Magento store backend from their mobile. By using this Magento mobile assistant extension, they can take care of product orders, stocks, new order notifications, order details and much more even when they are not around their workplace. MageMob admin is available in both extension and mobile app forms. (for iOS and Android) Once you start using Magento store manager mobile application, you will no longer miss out on product order, run out of stock and always make product deliveries on time! Isn’t that fantastic?

6. TaxJar Sales Tax Automator

Sales tax is a nightmare to keep up with and using extensions and tools to help is the only way to make sure you don’t end up in a world of hurt by not charging the right amount of sales tax.

TaxJar’s Sales Tax Automator is a simple but highly effective solution to this problem. It automates tax charging, filing, and calculation. Not only will you be able to automatically charge the right amount of taxes to your customers, but you’ll also be able to easily sort them by state or zip code and file them appropriately.

7. SEO Hub

Search engine optimization is important for all businesses and SEO Hub is an incredible extension to help you improve your ranking in the SERPs.

This extension will help you manage and optimize meta descriptions, heading tags, data feeds, URL redirect, and more. It will even help with the backend side of SEO and can generate a sitemap for you that can be updated automatically.

8. Quotation Manager

This Magento 1 extension is a must-have for businesses who don’t entirely rely on fixed-rate pricing. Whether you do custom work or offer bulk discounts, Quotation Manager can save you a lot of time.

With Quotation Manager, you can keep the pricing of bulk orders a little more discreet while still having them readily available for customers who are actually interested in them and your inbox won’t be drowning in quote requests that you get frequently.

Even better, this extension lets you enable one-click to order purchasing for customers if you choose, which can increase conversions quickly.

9. MageMob App Builder

There are plenty of benefits to having a mobile app for your store, especially since it can help increase sales. Now, though, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to have one created.

MageMob’s Mobile App Builder will help you create a mobile app quickly and affordably. It allows you to showcase your products on various types of blocks and it even has advanced features like showing customers recently-viewed products to help increase conversions.

There is also the option for customers to search for products and filter out the search results to find what they’re looking for quickly. The checkout process is also simple and lets users save information like address for faster checkouts moving forward.

10. Gift  Card

Gift cards are good for businesses. There’s no way around that. Not only is it a great purchase up front, but users also have a tendency to spend more than the gift card in order to ensure they get the full value (which often means going over in purchase value).

The Gift Card extension for Magento 2 will help you give this option to your customers.

It’s a simple extension and not a lot of information is necessary here. It’s got a great, user-friendly interface, and it lets customers send digital gift cards along with messages, pre-selected or custom card values, and pre-set images.

11. Advance Search With Solr

It can prove to be exhausting and time consuming for the customers to search products on an ecommerce store having thousands of products. Through Advance Search with Solr extension, you can provide your customers with swift and refined results. This means they can find exactly what they are looking for in no time! If you yearn to provide faster and advanced level Magento search extension, you must choose to integrate this beauty. This extension integrates Solr search with your Magento store, giving you enterprise level search functionalities.

12. MageMob Inventory

Are you looking for Magento inventory management software that can help you manage stocks competently? MageMob Inventory might come to your rescue. Using it, you can take care of the stock details while you are on the move. It has modules like inventory logs, purchase order creation, supplier management etc. You simply cannot find a better all-inclusive Inventory Management Solution. It is also available in Android and iOS based mobile app. Keep your inventory management issues at bay using MageMob Inventory.

13. Zoho CRM

CRM software is important for any business and it can give you a lot of valuable information about your customers that can make your marketing efforts more effective. Even more importantly, it can help you deliver excellent customer service when needed.

Zoho CRM is a native Magento extension that works seamlessly with your site, so you don’t have to worry about syncing up with a third party tool.

You can sync and upload customer and lead data with orders, shipping information and more. Syncing can happen automatically, so you don’t have to worry about missing a beat.

14. Magewares Abandoned Cart Email

Abandoned carts are a huge source of lost revenue…especially if you don’t follow up.

Magewares Abandoned Cart Email Extension can automate the follow up process for you, sending triggered response emails after a designated period to remind users that they left something in their cart.

Full customization is available here and you can choose how many follow ups customers receive, when they get them, and so much more.

15. Apptrian Social Integrator

Social media plays a big part in a lot of ecommerce businesses, so being able to fully integrate your social media with your ecommerce storefront is important.

That’s where Apptrian’s Social Integrator comes in.

Add the social buttons of your choice to your site in a variety of different locations, including Follow buttons for LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and more. Again, simple idea, but so important, and this extension gives you a lot of customization options and control.


Magento extensions can help you do everything from simplify your checkout process to build and customize a mobile app just for your ecommerce store. The sky really is the limit when it comes to these extensions and you can use them to turn your virtual storefront into pretty much anything you can dream up. There’s so much potential for what you can do, so take a look at these extensions and see which can help your business.


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