How to Design a Free Mobile App Landing Page


After creating a really cool app that you think will be a big hit among users, what’s next? The next thing that you have to do is create an app website or landing page as soon as possible! Now, the big question that you might be asking yourself right now is how? How do you create a really good mobile app website?

Fortunately, there are a lot of tools that can help you do this. We’ll go over some of the best tools that you can use for making a mobile app website or a landing page.

App Landing Page Tools

Most people would say that an app website doesn’t need to be engaging because app websites are built to give information and not to create engagements. However, I would say that it really depends on what kind of app you have. There are apps that only need landing pages that give pure information about the app while there are also those that have blogs and articles made to engage users.

If you’re planning to make a simple and an informative landing page, these tools are the best:

  • Unbounce

One of the best landing page platforms is Unbounce. To make things simple, they already provide templates that users can choose from. All you need to do is provide some of the important information about the app such as the app name, features, screenshots, reviews, contact information, and maybe a video. You also need a good call to action to make users download the app. The rate of Unbounce is $49 per month, but you can start out with a free landing page with a few limits.

  • Wishpond

Another great tool to use is Wishpond. Wishpond is actually centered around lead generation and advertising. If these are what you’re after, that means that Wishpond is a good choice for you. They are pretty new, but they do have quite a bit to offer such as 50 awesome landing page templates in their portfolio. They’re also adding new ones from time to time.

One of the great things about Wishpond is that it’s so easy to use because you can just click and drag all the things you need. You don’t need to know any HTML coding and such like other platforms. Although they’re one of the new players, they’re very updated with the latest styles of landing pages. You’ll want to keep them in mind when you’re creating your landing page.

  • LeadPages

You may also consider using LeadPages. Just like the previous two, LeadPages also has a lot of templates that you can choose from. They also provide forms, pop up ads, and other things that a landing page needs.

  • Smore

Simplicity is something that Smore has to offer. You can create an online flyer using this tool through several templates. It’s really simple to use.

App Website or Blog Tools

Of course, there is always the option to create an actual website or blog page if you think that a landing page is not good enough to promote your app. Although creating an app website or blog sounds like a tough job to do, it is actually quite simple because of the tools at your disposal. You can try out some of these tools:

  • WordPress

First on the list is the very popular website/blog creator WordPress. WordPress is one of the most widely used CMS platforms for a good reason. It is very easy to use and has a lot of great themes and templates for you to choose. While it is free to use, you will have to pay for hosting and other advanced features that you may want to avail of.

While you can use the free hosting of WordPress, you won’t be able to get your own domain name. If you want your own domain name, you’ll have to pay for it and for hosting on another server.

  • Blogger

Blogger is also a good platform to use if you prefer something other than WordPress. The biggest advantage that Blogger has over WordPress is that it allows you to use its platform for commercial purposes for free (WordPress has a fee for commercial use). Also, Blogger makes use of Google’s host servers so you don’t need to find your own server.

However, like WordPress, you can’t get your own domain name with Blogger. Blogger is solely used as a platform to create a blog. So if you want to create a website, Blogger might not be the perfect tool for you. However, it’s a great option if you’re looking to engage fans with quality articles.

Facebook as a Landing Page

If you don’t want to create a landing page or an app website, there is always the option of making a simple Facebook page as your landing page. The great thing about using Facebook is that it’s fast, easy, and ready to use. It also has its own customer support and chat features that give assistance to users when they’re in need. Another advantage of using Facebook is that it allows you to create a social media presence at the same time. Indeed, using Facebook is like killing two birds with one stone.

However, it’s not really recommended that you use Facebook as a landing page in the long term. You’ll still need to have an actual landing page so that you can create a good brand reputation for your app. No one’s really going to take an app creator with a Facebook page as a landing page. It can be a temporary solution but ultimately, you’ll need a landing page or an app website.


These are some of the options that you can choose from if you’re looking to create a good landing page or a good app website. Just to remind you, an app website or a landing page is one of the most important elements of an app. These options are simple to do and also very affordable so you should have no problem with them. Just choose the best one that suits your app’s nature, your preference, and your budget.

Cheers, Fillgapper Koen

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